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About Myself

I'm in my mid 50s, I do try and fill my time with as much as possible, always learning and enjoying life.
I would love a pilot's licence, so if you want to donate, please do! :-)

I have been programming since the late 70s, starting out at the only computer in the school which was a Research Machines 380Z (worth a look up, it shows how old I am!).
I spent what seems a life time writing games in the late 80s onwards. Starting out with Z80, 6800 and 8086, moving onto C, C++ and C#. I currently have an ongoing project that might actually get done one day!

I will try not to mention the RAF, but I was an Radar technican, I also worked with videos and TVs for three years. I haven't stopped totally as I am currently an embedded software engineer, working on microprocessers from NXP and ST. This is very rewarding as I am involved through the whole process of design, prototype and production phases while developing the software.

Amateur Radio
I hold the full licence, my callsign is M0NBB. I started training in 2018, and worked my way up the licences, passing my full in 2019. I assist in training and have helped many students achive foundation, intermediate and full. I am still planning my shack and am looking to purchase a 10 meter tower, I will keep you posted on this.

Neil Beresford.

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